Biafra will happen soon – Ex-Niger Delta militants declare, drag Buhari to UN

Ex-Niger Delta activists under the aegis of Niger Delta Ken Saro Wiwa Adaka Boro Biafra Freedom Fighters, have begged the United Nations, UN, and the worldwide network to force the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove Nigerian government to permit the general population of Biafra go.

As indicated by the ex-activists, the best way to stop the unsettling for Biafra was to permit Ndigbo have their own nation.

Boss Jasper Emmanuel, the pioneer of the gathering, decided in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

He noticed that the actualisation of Biafra Republic couldn't be smothered or denied as everyone had ideal to openly express his brain on where to have a place.

Emmanuel stated, "all ex-fomenters and aggressors must meet up to help and unsettle for the actualisation of Biafra Republic as that would give the Niger Delta locale the tonic for quick financial improvement which had escaped the district for quite a long time.

"We are genuinely working with every fundamental partner and Biafra unsettling bunches inside and outside the nation to actualise the fantasy of the Biafra Republic where the general population can be free in a nation they can call their own.

"The actualisation of Biafra Republic will happen in the blink of an eye as the general population can never again stay in a league that is politically and financially ideal to just a few areas, while different pieces of the nation that lay the brilliant egg live in servile neediness and being worked on.

"The fight for the actualisation of a sovereign territory of Biafra must be battled and won on all fronts to serve all as the political unevenness of Nigeria has tossed a work in progress to certain areas while political power had remained the elite save of a couple of ethnic and religious gatherings."

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